Ann S. Chapman

Senior Employment, Policy & Higher Education Consultant

Ann S. Chapman

Senior Employment, Policy & Higher Education Consultant

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84 Marginal Way, Suite 600 Portland, ME 04101-2480

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Ann Chapman is a non-lawyer consultant who advises K-12 schools, higher education institutions, employers, and Tribal Nations on a broad range of human resources and employment matters. Ann draws from 25+ years of experience in policy development, governance, technical writing, and market research to deliver practical, well-informed and creative advice to her clients.

Ann has deep expertise in drafting and assessing personnel policies/procedures, conducting workplace/climate assessments and facilitating workplace issues, conducting HR department assessments and compensation studies.

Ann’s other area of expertise is in conducting investigations including employee and student misconduct, harassment and discrimination complaints, and Title IX/sexual harassment complaints for employers, educational institutions, and Tribal Nations.

Ann regularly conducts management and employee trainings (including webinars and workshops) on HR, employment, investigations, Title IX and policy issues. Ann is also an editor for Maine School Law, 6th Edition (2018) and the lead editor for the Maine School Law for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, 8th Edition (2020).

Prior to Drummond Woodsum, Ann served as a policy and resources specialist for Maine School Management Association, providing policy consulting, writing and workshop assistance for school systems throughout Maine, as well as a marketing analyst and technical writer. She also served on the Cape Elizabeth School Board for six years, with two years as its Chair.

In her free time, Ann enjoys being with her family, as well as traveling, reading, and gardening. Ann is deeply committed to helping children and she has served as CASA guardian ad litem for children in DHHS custody for over 12 years.


Bates College, B.A., 1978

Harvard Negotiation Project

Investigating Sexual Assaults in Higher Education

Community/Public Service

CASA, Guardian ad litem

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