Drummond Woodsum Launches Strategic Consulting Business

Drummond Woodsum, a premier New England law firm with more than 60 attorneys, announces that it has formed Drummond Woodum Strategic Consulting (DWSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary, comprised of a seasoned group of professionals with experience in the legislative and electoral process, statewide transformation as well as organizational and institutional policy change.

Toby McGrath, former Deputy Chief of Staff for United States Senator Angus King, is the Managing Director of DWSC.

“Toby’s reputation precedes him. He brings 15 years of experience in the legislative and electoral process to assist our clients to achieve their legislative, organizational, public policy and electoral goals,” said Benjamin E. Marcus, Drummond Woodsum’s Managing Director.

“Years of working both the public and private sector helped me realize that organizations, particularly those that are moving into or expanding within Northern New England, need more than what a traditional law firm can provide,” said McGrath, DWSC’s Managing Director. “Our clients need strategic guidance and direction from professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep, real world experience.”
DWSC offers services including government affairs, organizational development, grassroots organizing and campaigns.

“Because we have such deep roots here, we can help to build relationships between business, government and community leaders,” said DWSC Government Relations Associate Attorney Amy Olfene. “This is what makes DWSC unique.”

“Our aim is to be the preeminent firm in northern New England for government relations, campaigns and organizational development. I’m excited to be leading this effort,” McGrath said.

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