Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country, 2022 Edition

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Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country, 2022 Edition
by Kaighn Smith, Jr.Drummond Woodsum
Executive Editor, Joel West WilliamsNative American Rights Fund

Ten years after the first edition of this book, labor and employment law in Indian country remains a critical battle ground for tribal sovereignty. We have updated this book with a decade’s worth of new developments, but have maintained its basic structure.

Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country, 2022 Edition, provides a comprehensive overview of the law governing labor and employment relations in Indian country. This is a growing, controversial, and complex area of law, implicating fundamental principles of tribal sovereignty at every turn. It is a must read for anyone involved in Indian affairs today.

The author, Drummond Woodsum attorney, Kaighn Smith, Jr., represents Indian tribes in tribal, state, and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. He and his colleagues at Drummond Woodsum’s Indian Nations Labor and Employment Group have assisted tribes in enacting, implementing, and defending some of the first comprehensive labor and employment laws in Indian country. Drummond Woodsum serves Indian nations in all aspects of litigation, labor relations, and economic development.

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Editorial Reviews

“The business of tribal sovereignty starts with tribal government. Labor and Employment Law in Indian

Country is a standard-bearer for the development of modern tribal government. It should be on the bookshelf of every tribal lawyer.”

Matthew L.M. Fletcher
Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center
Michigan State University College of Law; Founder of Turtle Talk

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