Fifteen Attorneys Provide Pro Bono Legal Services Over Five Protection from Abuse Hearing Dates

Recently, 15 Drummond Woodsum attorneys provided pro bono legal services over the course of 5 Protection from Abuse hearing dates in the Lewiston District Court. This means that 15-20 individuals seeking protection orders who would not have had legal representation had the assistance of our attorneys. The vast majority of these cases resulted in an agreed-upon protection order obtained in large part due to the negotiation skills and legal advice provided by our colleagues.  Special thanks to the following attorneys who volunteered their time: Susan M. Weidner, S. Campbell Badger, Jordan T. Quenneville, Brittany H. Michaud, Robert P. Hayes, Esther A. Labrado, Amanda B. Lynch, Clíodhna O’Malley, Jonathan J. Ruterbories, Maureen M. Sturtevant, Amy K. Olfene, Toby Dilworth, Laura J. Hartz, and Benjamin J. Plante.