Toby McGrath Quoted in New York Times Article

In the November 17th New York Times article, Toby McGrath comments on the recent re-election of Susan Collins in Maine:

Toby McGrath, former deputy chief of staff for Senator Angus King who headed Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns in Maine, said there were messaging errors by “Gideon and D.C. Democrats,” who “wanted to make this race about D.C. and Mitch McConnell and Trump and tie Susan Collins to that.”

It was also, he said, a challenge to spend such a large amount of money in a state as small as Maine. “This race got out of control with the amount of resources,” he said. “I think if this race is $30 million from both sides, you’re in a better place. There’s only so much you can do with that money. When you have that much money, you’re throwing stuff at the wall.”

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