Schools Are Seeing A High Volume of Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

As many of you have probably read in the news, Maine is seeing a high volume of fraudulent unemployment claims. Private and public sector employees and employers have been affected, including many school units and their employees.

We have been contacted by a number of schools with questions about how to address actual or suspected fraudulent unemployment claims, including:

  • How do I help identify potentially fraudulent claims?
  • How do I report suspected fraudulent claims?
  • Must money paid to a fraudster be paid back and, if so, by whom?
  • What information should I request from the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation?
  • What notice should be provided to employees?

We have worked through the process of addressing these fraudulent claims, have answers to these and other questions, and are available to work with schools that need assistance.

Please contact Elek Miller with any questions.