Justin Cary Continues His Work on AI

Justin Cary is continuing to establish himself as an authority on AI.  On March 15, Justin and his brother Luc Cary, Associate Director for Machine Learning at biotech company Invitae, are presenting at a Federal Judicial Center event open to all Bankruptcy Judges across the country.  They will be presenting on the basics of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and language models; identify generative AI examples; examine who is currently using generative AI, in what ways, and the possible implications for the judiciary; participate in a live demonstration of generative AI; and discuss confidentiality and ethics issues. Additionally, on April 2, Justin is presenting to the entire Maine State judiciary in Augusta, for training and informational programming on artificial intelligence and its present impact on judges’ work. Then on April 4, he is leading a CLE on AI ethics at the Maine Trial Lawyers Association 2-day training program.