Joe Sarcinella Presents at NASA’s 2022 Environmental Conference

Mutual interest in land or natural resources regularly requires Federal agencies, like NASA, to work and communicate effectively with Tribal Nations. Areas of mutual interest often go beyond a sacred or archeological site and require an understanding of Tribal priorities and best practices for government-to-government consultation.

NASA invited Drummond Woodsum Tribal Nations attorney Joe Sacrinella to speak at their 2022 Environmental Conference: EM UNITED: Enabling Environmentally Sound Mission Success Together. Speaking to an audience of NASA’s Natural Resource, NEPA, and CRM Managers, Joe provided an overview of best practices and meaningful consultation practices when dealing with projects on Tribal lands. Joe covered topics such as the history of federal-tribal relations; what NASA’s responsibilities are as a federal agency with regard to recognizing and respecting tribal sovereignty and treaty obligations; and stewardship of resources when dealing with natural resources that are of interest to both NASA and tribal nations.