Turf Wars! Who is responsible for delivering special education?

There are many new changes – both in law and practice – regarding which school units are in charge of which students, and the extent to which they are allowed to exercise that control. We see these developments in the following areas:

  • The State’s evolving role with state agency clients;
  • Legal responsibilities toward tuition and contract students;
  • Limitations on the dismissal of students from tuition placements;
  • Use of contracts for outside placements;
  • LD 552, with its impact on the IEP team process;
  • And more!

And this just added: We will discuss new limitations on the school’s ability to control aggressive students, seen particularly in Maine’s new suspension law and the proposed changes in Maine’s restraint and seclusion rules!

Drummond Woodsum’s special education team will take on all these issues in a fast-paced ZOOM presentation, with an abundance of written material and our usual array of raffles to make sure you go home happy! These changes are real, and important for all special education administrators, building administrators, and other educators. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!