New NH Special Education Rules and Court Decisions, New Hampshire Association of Special Education Administrators

Gerald Zelin and Erin Feltes will be on hand for a full day workshop for the New Hampshire Association of Special Education Administrators to update them on “New NH Special Education Rules and Court Decisions.”

Have you noticed? Nothing stays the same in special education! Look at this lineup of developments:

In March 2017, the New Hampshire Board of Education amended the state’s special education rules. The new rules include LOTS of changes, many of which alter the way that schools must practice special education.

A 2017 First Circuit ruling addresses the interplay between the school’s written prior notice, IEPs, and questions about methodology. This decision impacts documentation of every IEP meeting you hold.

Not enough? In 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its first ruling since 1982 on how extensive the school’s duty is to provide a FAPE. This decision, in the Endrew F. case, is the most important special education ruling in decades. In May 2019, in the Natick case, the First Circuit elaborated on the FAPE standard, discussed transition service plans, and explained the relationship between least restrictive environment and FAPE.

New Rules! FAPE! LRE! IEPs and WPNs! Drummond Woodsum’s special education team will review each of these developments and what they all mean for school districts in New Hampshire.

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