Drummond Woodsum Attorney Ted Kelleher speaks at the 2017 Annual Pilot Legis Member Conference in New Orleans

As a member of the Pilot Legis group Drummond Woodsum Attorney Ted Kelleher was invited to speak and moderate a panel focusing on the regulatory and ethical considerations to consider when starting a marijuana practice at the 2017 Annual Pilot Legis Member conference recently held in New Orleans, Louisiana.   In attendance were senior leaders and attorneys hailing from law firms all over the United States.  The panel also included Jonathan Robbins from Akerman, LLP, and Robert Mikos from Vanderbilt University.

Ted heads the firm’s Regulated Substances Practice, which focuses on consumer products industries with heavy regulatory oversight, in particular brewing, distilling, and the newly emerging marijuana industry. Ted is widely recognized as one of the preeminent business and regulatory lawyers for marijuana-related businesses in New England. He has represented dispensaries, Native American tribes, investors, landlords and property owners and municipalities as they try to navigate the complex and quickly changing world of marijuana laws, regulations and business transactions.  A thought leader in this industry, he has spoken widely about marijuana legal and business issues to a variety of civic and business groups. Working closely with attorneys in our nationally recognized Indian practice, Ted has also counseled Indian tribes across the nation as they consider and explore tribal cannabis enterprises.