Community Housing of Maine Opens Affordable Housing in Portland

Congratulations to Community Housing of Maine (CHOM) on the grand opening of Phoenix Flats, which offers 45 units of affordable housing for adults 62 years and older and/or people with disabilities. Twenty-four of their new tenants have previously experienced homelessness.

In addition, Phoenix Flats was designed to achieve PassiveHouse certification, which is one of the highest forms of green certification that a building can receive.

Projects designed according to passive house standards recognize energy savings of 40-60% compared to regular buildings.

CHOM currently houses more than 1,200 of Maine’s most vulnerable populations, including:

  • older Mainers
  • people with long-term homelessness
  • people who are survivors of domestic violence
  • Veterans who were homeless
  • people with disabilities
  • people who are refugees from war-torn areas of the world.

Learn more about Community Housing of Maine here.