Attorneys Matthew Decker and C. Christine (Fillmore) Johnston Present at NHMA Code Enforcement Workshop

Attorneys Matthew Decker and C. Christine (Fillmore) Johnston presented on how to navigate the nuanced procedures associated with code enforcement, as well as practical advice in pursuing an enforcement action against non-compliant property owners. They addressed some of the most difficult issues under the law, including junkyards, dilapidated buildings, and health codes.

Building inspectors, code enforcement officers, fire chiefs, health inspectors, and various other municipal officials are responsible for the enforcement of a variety of codes, regulations, and ordinances related to the use of land. These include both local regulations, such as zoning ordinances, site plan and subdivision regulations, health regulations, and the conditions of approval that accompany many land use board approvals, as well as state law, such as the State Building and Fire Code and statutes governing junkyards.  Effectively enforcing these various codes and regulations can pose a challenge to municipalities.