Attorneys Erin Feltes and Eric Herlan Announce the Release of their New Hampshire Special Education Book

Drummond Woodsum is proud to announce a new publication authored by Erin Feltes and Eric Herlan titled New Hampshire Special Education Law.  For the first time, everything you ever needed to know about special education law for the State of New Hampshire is compiled into one resource. In this publication, Feltes and Herlan address all the ins and outs of this complicated area of law creating a valuable guide for every practitioner who has anything to do with special education in New Hampshire.

Inside New Hampshire Special Education Law are chapters addressing a wide range of topics including:

  • Who is responsible for students with disabilities;
  • Discipline standards for Special Education and Regular Education;
  • Court involvement and children with disabilities;
  • The IEP team process;
  • Student eligibility;
  • All elements of delivering appropriate programming;
  • Least restrictive programming;
  • New Hampshire truancy laws and special education;
  • State Bullying laws;
  • Restraint and Seclusion;
  • Due process; and
  • Section 504 and the ADA.

Erin Feltes is a member of the firm’s School Law Group, specializing in school law and special education law. Erin’s practice includes all aspects of school law, including special education, Section 504, student discipline, student rights, policy development and implementation, investigations, and annual school district meetings. Erin frequently represents clients in administrative hearings and complaints at the New Hampshire Department of Education. She has presented and conducted trainings on a variety of issues, including all aspects of special education and Section 504, student discipline, and bullying. Erin is a frequent contributor to the New Hampshire School Law Advisory.

Eric R. Herlan has been representing school clients for over 25 years, with a focus on student rights, special education, and disability law. In addition to counseling schools on the management of difficult student situations, he has litigated special education disputes at all phases of the legal system.  Eric is a frequent presenter on state and national levels and is also the author of Maine Special Education Law, First Edition, 2013, a contributor to Maine School Law, 5th Edition, 2014, and the School Law Advisory.

Drummond Woodsum attorneys and consultants have more than 30 years of experience in federal and state special education law and possess a broad range of hands-on experience in special education. Our extensive knowledge of the culture, customs, and practices of the special education community helps us offer solutions that not only comply with the law but also reflect evolving “best practices” and informed judgments about legal trends within special education.